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Survival and Preparedness Training
Emergency: an unexpected and sudden event that must be dealt with urgently; a short-term, possibly life-threatening situation.
Disaster: an event that causes serious loss, destruction, hardship, unhappiness, or death.
Survival: the act of remaining alive or in existence, especially after facing life-threatening danger, or of continuing in a present position; day-to-day living over an extended period of time.
                                                                Phoenix Militia
Phoenix Militia
Shawn Dutton
General. Shawn Dutton     Phoenix Militia

      Everyone needs to get serious about getting prepared. Forget all the Doomsday BS crazy militia's and revolutionary patriots out there. A real Prepper doesn’t eat road kill, bugs and wild plants. Living off the land is not an option it's an act of desperation by the unprepared. Join our mailing list and start making informed decisions about emergency preparedness.

Doctor Doomsday
Why join Prepared Times Magazine’s “Phoenix MILITIA?”

   We're the largest "Emergency Family Preparedness" Militia in the world. We're over 100,000 strong. (5 Divisions) We're the "Flashpreppers." (Computer Geeks with Doomsday Gear and Supplies)

   Flashpreppers are the guys with all the right gear, equipment and supplies. Children prepare for a "Zombie Apocalypse," "Doomsday Preppers" prepare for the end of the world. Flashpreppers live normal lives, but are prepared for a disaster or terrorist attack.

   Flashpreppers are the guys in the luxury hotels with Go Bags, laptops, windows tablets, GPS trackers, Iphones and Flash Drives. We don't eat MRE's, we eat steak and eggs, drink fine wine and enjoy life. We eat what we store and store what we eat.